Re: Capacitor dielectric

At 06:24  28/10/1999 -0600, you wrote:

>         I am building my first coil, but have two major stumbling blocks 
> I need to
>get over.
>One is the capacitor dielectric. Polyethylene is supposed to be pretty
>good, and cheap and easily obtainable. Unfortunately Polyethylene is not
>easy to find and not cheap here in Australia.  Polythene, however is easily
>found and cheap. (bags, ground sheeting etc) Although there are
>structural/manufacturing differences between the two, can they be used

LDPE is very easy to obtain ...... your just looking in the wrong place.

Try a plastics manufacturer, eg "Poly Products" in Adelaide where I 
am.  Pick you thickness.  Buy by the roll.  OK, a roll is a little 
expensive ($80 for 2m wide by 50m length) but you will make quite a few 
caps from this.

Use building grade at your own risk ....... high % recycled and a bit of a 
lottery.  you might be OK, but all that labour and 5 minutes to death is a 
poor plan.  Go high grade from the start.



PS:  Good to see a few more Oz coilers coming out of the woodwork ;-)