Re: 1916 Era Quenched Gap

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>Original Poster: "Steve Young" <youngs-at-konnections-dot-com> 
>To all spark gap enthusiasts,
>Lindsay Publications sells a very interesting republication entitled "High
>Frequency Apparatus" by Thomas Stanley Curtis which describes 1916 era TCs
>and how to make the various components.  In it is described what he calls a
>quenched gap.

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I've got one of these gaps that I removed from a Dieletric Heater unit,
sort of an industrial diathermey machine, and yes, the discharge is exactly
as described. I was useing a 1" dia. copper ball as a discharge electrode.

I think the diffrent nature of the discharge from the coil is a combination
of a much higher operating frequency, and a very rapid multiple discharge
across the arc gap.

An additional advantage of this type of gap is it's very quiet operation,
just a nice sizzling sound...

Who needs a vacuum tube coil when you can use this type of gap ;')

Cindy D.