Re: PFCs

Hi Herwig,

> Original Poster: "Herwig Roscher" <herwig.roscher-at-gmx.de>

> these caps should work also. I've got a cap with a built-in 10
> Megohm-resistor. This high value will not affect the operation
> The only problem is the (for PFC-application) low capacitance
>of about 1 Microfarad used in this country.

This has nothing to do with the country ;o), but rather because of it´s
use in the µwave (level shifter and resonant cap). The 10 Mohm
resistor is only there for the safety of those technicians that refuse
to read the *BIG* "discharge the cap" warnings plastered inside
of the µwave chassis. Some of the newer "all-in-one" units have
the rectifier diodes also within the same housing, making them
a real pain to use because the cap is connected (through the diode)
to the case.

Coiler greets from Germany,

P.S.: What part of Germany are you located in? As I am no longer
a member of the GTL, I kind of lost track of the new members ;o)