Small NSTs and fans

Hello Guys (& Girls if any are following this List)

My name is Neal and I have been reading this list now
for about a month.  I am working on my Assoc. Degree in Computer
Engenieering and am a Plant Supervisor.  I am planning on building my
first coil in the near future
(hopefully it will work).

Anyway to the point.
I know some of you guys are having problems finding NST and I  ran
across 7 Franceformer transformers the other day for $40 (US). They are
smaller units 6kV 30mA.  These are working units that I have tested. I
can't use all of them and though if any of you would like some or all of
them I will sell them at my cost $5.70 plus shipping from 28206.  I have
collected 26 NST ranging from 6kV 30mA to 15kV 30mA in the last two
weeks and only had two that didn't work.  Yes I am a packrat. If you
wait about six months my wife will make me get rid of them  ; )
Also I have at least 10 muffin fans approx. 7" in diameter that run on
220V that anyone can have if they want them. (These things are serious.
They are out of a 1986 Pyramid Mainframe)
If anyone is intrested I can be reached off the list at

I just thought I would help if I can.  More questions to follow about
construction when I get closer to building. I sincerly apologize if this
posting is out of line.

Last thing is there anyone in the Charlotte NC area that is on this

Thank you all so much for the insight you have already provided about
coils and all that is to come.