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> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Hi All,
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> 2.      There is one serious problem I have found.  Most small relays have
> little isolation distance between the switch elements and the coil.  An arc
> to the coil will probably blow up the control electronics (fiber optics
> prevents such a thing from blowing the operator ;-)).  Some small "safety
> relays" have a large distance between the coil and the switches that should
> work good.  They are usually pricey but they have cheap cousins.  However,
> perhaps someone knows of a perfect relay for such a use??  Big power
> contactors would be great but they are really too big for such a use.
> 3.      I would think there would be a cheap high voltage oil (or whatever)
> relay out there somewhere???  Kilovac makes HV reed relays (vacuum) but I
> think they would be over voltage and under current for this.  Is there a
> better commercial relay I could get for not too much money that would solve
> the problem straight away???  I would think a small high voltage oil relay
> would be cheap and easy to make commercially???  I have thought of putting
> the relays in a super high vacuum but that seems far too hard for me.  The
> specs are: 30KV isolation and switching, 100kHz, 2 amps RMS, and 70 amps
> peak.  The fiber optic cable isolation allows these specs to be abused
> wildly ;-)


 They may not be high voltage rated but have you considered electric forklift
contactors. We have a Lansing-bagnall forklift at work which I  - ahem -
to increase speed - I was very surprised by the size of the main
contactors. They
carry huge amounts of current and, more importantly, have a large gap
between the
contact points themselves, they run off the same supply as the drive
i.e. 12 volts in my case.

 Just a thought.


 Robin Copini in OZ.