And I will. I can also generate PDF from PostScript as John mentioned. Being on
Linux Postscript is easy for me to generate. He also mentioned that PDF is hard
to make searchable. I don't know myself. I'm working in HTML for now, just
HTML, links and pictures. When the FAQ is ready I'll generate PS and PDF files.
If John wouldn't mind helping make the PDF searchable and hyperlinked, it would
be appreacted. Now, can we please stop the format discussion? I think we
have at
least a majority vote here. ;)


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: David Trimmell <davidt-at-pond-dot-net>
> Hello all,
> IMO Acrobat format would be the best too use for this project. It does run
> under Linux (at least the reader), as I have it at home (and other favours
> of UNIX). I would suggest the final product be aimed at a "formatted"
> document with graphics and schematics in the Adobe PDF file format, and
> perhaps for those who still love the dated ASCII, then perhaps chapters can
> be save as text before encoding to PDF. By the way PDF documents are
> searchable, at least the vs. 4.x, and I have seen PDF documents that have
> Hypertext-like indexes. I know nothing of the creation of these types of
> documents, but it sounds like Neon John is willing to share his expertise,
> and I think we should take him up on it.