Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-xmission-dot-com>

> PDF is a good format, but the encoder is windows only last time I looked.

No.  In the pay world, Adobe products run on the Mac too.  Not sure
about unix.  In the free world, Ghostscript (runs on almost
everything) includes a "ps2pdf" filter that converts postscript to
Acrobat format.  Since almost all software can print to file for a
postscript printer, this utility is all that is needed.  There is
even a web-based online version at
http://www.ps2pdf-dot-com/cgi-bin/ps2pdf.  There are probably others
too, since Acrobat is an open format.

> It's a
> usefull format, and the reader is free, but I can't get an encoder. If you
> want to
> make a PDF version when we are done, I'd love to dedicate some disk space
> to it. 

I'll certainly be happy to do it if you'd like.  But see the above
for a DIY kit -)

> should also be noted that some people have trouble with PDF. I know it
> seems hard
> to believe, but I've had to hand-hold a LOT of people through getting
> installed. Every box sold in the last 2 years has a web browser installed
> allready
> and most allready know how to use it. HTML is the standard information
> interchange
> format of the present day internet. For documents meant to be printed, PDF
> and PS
> fill the gap.

I'd give that argument some consideration if we were talking about
housewives having to load acrobat in order to read new recipes.  But
this stuff is aimed at (prospective) Tesla people.  It is reasonable
to assume that these folks have at least a little technical savvy.

For Wintel boxes running either of the Big 2 browsers, and probably
Macintrashes too, loading the acrobat reader is as simple as
answering "yes" when the browser asks if it should download a plugin
to handle the first PDF file encountered.

Anyway, if you need typesetting services, just ask.


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