Re: xformer/cap - match

Hi Terry,

> I'll try my best to give my humble opinions...

thank you very much for your detailled explanations. Now I understand the
interactions a little bit better.

> In this configuration, the neon and primary cap are "resonant".  If the
> does not fire, the voltage can build to around 80kV!

For which tranny voltage does this value apply?

> The gap may fire at many times the 120 Hz line frequency since this  
> resonant condition can really pull a great deal of energy from the neon.
> It can charge to the rated voltage much faster than the line frequency.

So this configuration is the goal!

> > Capacitance is like calculated:
> This works well too and has the advantage that it is much harder (almost
> impossible) to over voltage the neon or cap. 

A kind of life insurance? 

> There is also the LTR (Larger Than Resonant) configuration that I like so
> much. 

Thanks for the interestant info, but I've got the feeling that I should
leave this design to the really experienced coilers in the moment ;-) 

Safe coiling to you!