Tesla List wrote:

> Someone had asked about using motor starting caps as PFC's.
> There are two types of caps used with motors.  The starting
> caps are electrolytic and have capacities in the range of
> 50 to several hundred uF.  The run caps are oil filled and
> have a much lower capacity, in the range of 5 to 50 uF.,
> depending on the size of the motor.
> The start caps are in the circuit for only a few seconds at
> the most, then are switched out with a centifigal switch,
> hence they are not built to handle current for prolonged
> times.  On the other hand, the oil-filled run caps are
> connected at all times while the motor is running.
> Use the oil-filled run caps only for PFC and make sure that
> you allow extra on the voltage ratings.  Units with 370 volt
> ratings are fine for use on 120 volt NST's, but go with 600
> volt caps if your transformer has a 240 volt primary.

	For oil-filled capacitors suitable for PFC, look at C&H's web page:


Good variety at very good prices.