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<< Just my two cents worth, I for one think that ascii art sucks when your 
 beginning in coiling.  As most of you know, I've only been coiling for a
 little over a year now, and when I now look at ascii art I can work it out
 if I study it closely.  But, when I was first starting out, Gary Lau sent me
 an email concerning SW caps and provided me with a schematic for the layout
 in ascii, it took me nearly two weeks to totally work it all out.  While I
 know that ascii makes everyones life a little easier, I'm speaking from
 experience here, but ascii art sure is difficult for the newbie.
 Kent >>

Another 2-cents in the pot:
ASCII art is artificial. It is mandated by  the limitations of a technology 
left over from the
old 7.42 Baud code of the 1930' s teletype. As a teaching and learning tool 
it sucks badly.
Fortunately, its days are numbered. Same goes for ASCII math notation. For 
the last word on the subject just take a look at the art work in Circular 74 
to see how far we have fallen.

Cheers from Bug House Square,
Ralph Zekelman