xformer/cap - match

Hi all!

Im not sure to understand the influence of the xformer/cap-match on the
system performance. Therefore:

For current-limited xformers like NSTs and OBITs it is recommended to use
resonant charging of the main cap.		    1/(2 * pi * f * C) = V/I

1. Capacitance is like calculated:
The cap will reach nearly the peak voltage. The gap is adjusted to break
down just below the peak voltage. 

2. Capacitance is larger than calculated:
The cap will not reach the peak voltage. Therefore the gap has to be closed
down a bit in order to render possible discharges. The "bang" is smaller
than optimal.

3. Capacitance is smaller than calculated:
If the gap was adjusted to a breakdown voltage lower than peak voltage,
the cap will be loaded several times during each halfcycle, resulting in
several breaks. This higher breakrate causes longer discharges as the ions
will not cool down between the breaks. So, if a correct capacitance isn't
available, it
is advisable, to use a *smaller* one.

Are these assumptions correct? Any comments are welcome!

Safe coiling to you!