New Coiler

Hi everyone. New to the list. Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Ted Rosenberg. I live in Ft Woth TX and have been in electronics since
my first crystal set in 1953.
I work for Tandy/RadioShack.

I am very involved with an established non-profit haunted house in Ft Worth.
Last year they contributed $400,000 to the local MS Foundation.

This year I am playing my theremin and scaring people with 'banshee wails'

But I am on the planning committee for next year and that's where the TC
comes in.

I envision a conserative coil shooting conservative sparks to a latex head
which is over a grounded aluminum sphere (two mixing bowls?). In total
darkness. Shielded with a very large sheet of plexi to keep visitors safely
far away.

My challenge is to build this portable coil and operate it.
I have all the tools and space to build what I might need. And my son is in
the AC business so copper tubing will be free.

But, I need practical component info (as well as theory) and how to 'get
there from here' advice.
So, I am open to anyone to will assist and thanks a bunch.