Re: [FAQ]

Tesla List wrote:

> Maybe there should be another part for practical notes (Best ways to do
> conical primaries, unpotting neons, tips on building caps, how to
> _implement_ safety, other working experiences of other people to answer
> posts like "OK, got theory etc bit of faq down pat but I cant figure out
> how to wind the d*mn 2ndary without being bored as hell!")

It might be eaiser to have at least some of that in the individual chapters on
the parts involved. After all, a whole chapter is available for the secondary
coil, fill it up. ;) But a section on stuff like that could be very
usefull. For
now, I'd like to see if we can't stick in all in the respective chapters. If
they get too big we can always split it out. Good call though, this is stuff
that belongs in the FAQ somplace. ;)