magnet wire and FAQ

     Hey y'all, newbie here.
     I wanted to ask about secondary winding wire.  Most people seem to use 
     magnet wire to wind the secondary, but i have seen secondaries that 
     are wound with insulated wire.  What are the advantages and 
     disadvantages of this?  
     I assume that the secondary is a little more durable this way, and 
     involve less varnishing.  But using hv wire to do it would probably be 
     very expensive, no?  Has anyone on the list tried it?
     Also, re the faq:
     R.Quick and a few others have written excellent beginner-oriented 
     articles on nearly every aspect of building a small coil, including 
     construction of primary, secondary, capacitor, and sparkgap.  wouldn't 
     it be easiest to use these as the starting point for the newbie-faq?
     as others have said, these are available at:
     among other places.  These have been very helpful to me, personally.
     paul mathus