Re: Pig insulation

hey all ......

I have already done the liposuction on my pig ...   :)   i reduced its
total height by 10 inches and weight by approximately 80 lbs... ( now 
what can i do with all this extra oil ???  )  I have the transformer
covered with about 2 " of oil and there is enuf oil to have the bottom
1" of the insulators submerged...   aka about 1" clearance tween the
insulators and transformer.

I cut the extra low voltage straps down to 3" each and folded them over
and used screws to bind them ...  after that i used the extra paper
insulation to rewrap the straps...  the switch is now waiting to be used
in a design for switching on and off large inductive ( old transformers
) devices for current limiting on the piggie...  imagine .. an oil
submerged switch capable of handling 4 inductors of various ratings    i
like the idea ;) 

I also lined the bottom and sides of the tank with several layers of
heavy kraft paper to increase the insulation capacities around the

Scot D