Re: good form?

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> hello all,
> found a pvc form with 9.8`` diameter and 50`` lenght and a form with
> 15.75`` diameter and ´only´ 32.7`` lenght. Which one is best to use and
> is the widest form not to short??
> thanks arwin, the Netherlands


My guess is that when all is said and done, a longer spark can be
produced by the 9.8" X 50" coil, than by a 15.75" X 32.7" coil simply
due to the issue of voltage breakdown that can occur on a short coil.

So the answer depends on how long you want the sparks to be.
If you want only 12 foot sparks for instance, you can probably use
the shorter form.  But if you want 18 foot sparks, the 50" coil would
probably be better.  (I used these spark length figures as examples,
I don't know if they represent the limits for the coils mentioned)

If you plan to produce generally shorter sparks, such as 5 or 6 foot
sparks, then of course you can use either form, depending on your

John Freau