Re: Tesla FAQ


Please send a copy or a web link to the list so we can all take a look at it.
It may be usefull as a base to build from.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: NickandSim-at-aol-dot-com
> Hi Chuck,
>               I agree.  We should build the whole document around an actual
> coil so that a newbie can build the coil from it.  But at the same time
> explain everything and why we're doing it and give them all the formulae to
> design a different coil so that at the end they have a nice coil and can
> build more.
> I have written a small file (15 pages) in roughly this vein.  Sort of a
> math.txt with more theoretical detail and explanation.  If you want to
> canibalise it then mail me off list and I'll send it to you.
> I'd be willing to write the power supply section and the secondary section.
> Unless I hear otherwise I'll get on with those.
> Regards
> Nick Field