Re: Aluminum electrodes in TCBOR static gap

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<< I tried this, based on reading last year's archives from the list, where
> Reinhard had used 6-sided Al standoffs in his unit and reported good
> results. I didn't go the stand-off route, but wanted to see what would
> happen with an alternating combo of Cu-Al electrodes. 
>My thinking now is that aluminum is a very poor choice as an actual
> gap electrode. It could be different with a stand-off.
> Don

Don, Reinhard, all,

With the 6 sided standoff, the sparking is spread over a larger
area if you use the flat sides (than would occur with a round pipe),
and produces less "spot" heating.  Was the 6 sided standoff
compared with a copper 6 sided standoff or other flat type gap.  In
general, I think I've seen better performance with flat gaps than with
round gaps.  I've had good results with silver faced flat static gaps.

John Freau