Re: Aluminum electrodes in TCBOR static gap

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 >> The gap unit WAS firing and making a huge glow, but no spark. I
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> What do you mean by this? Did the gap have a different sound than
> usual?. Usually, I do rough tuning, etc "by gap hearing". The sound of
> the gap is a good story teller. It will tell you if you are in tune,
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Reinhard, Don, Malcolm, all,

This sounds very much like something that Malcolm mentioned about
his single static gap running well at low voltages, but just "fizzing" at
higher voltages.  This sounds like a total power input power arc....no
quenching at all.  In other words, like just arcing a NST as in a Jacob's
ladder more or less, possibly caused by overheating of the gap.

John Freau
> Coiler greets from Germany,
> Reinhard