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> Subject: Tab's coil -  variac
> Hi all, its Tab,
> I am having trouble finding a variac for my coil so i was wandering if i
> could use a light dimmer on the input side to my transfomer. it is rated at
> (the tranformer on the input side) 240V   2.8Amps.
> also are there any UK coilers that have a siutable variac they can sell.
> Thanks all,
> Tab

Tab ....

the lite dimmer idea is sorta okay IF your primary supply is rated for
240 V -at- less than 2.8 amps...   if it draws more than that you will fry
the dimmer ...

heres an idea ...  any local colleges around ? check the chemistry dept
or the electronic dept for out dated equipment let them know you are "
doing some work" on resonant transformers and that a variac "would
greatly increase " your opportunities to proceed with your endevours.   
this has potential ...... 

Scot D