Re: Primary Coil

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Chris Mason <n_atriu_m-at-start-dot-com.au>
>   I am making a 4.5" x 30" TC and am going
>   to wind 3/8" Cu tubing helical wound on
>   a 45 degree angle. Though the secondary
>   coils 1st wind ended up around 1.5" above
>   the primarys 1st wind will this undercouple
>   my TC? I would also appriciate any tips on
>   perfecting my design. BTW.. I am using a
>   15KV 60ma NST
>  Chris
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I'd recommend reducing the angle of your primary to 15 degrees or
less... in fact a flat primary may actually work better at the power
level you're planning. As described with the 45 degree primary, you'll
run into two problems. The coupling between the primary and secondary
will be too great, and you'll also get strikes betwen the top of the
secondary and the primary. A "flatter" primary will solve both problems.

-- Bert --