Re: flyback TC

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Bryan St <warp27-at-juno-dot-com>
> Hey guys
> 1. Has anybody tried coiling from the guts of a tv?  I mean running a TC
> off the high voltage from a flyback still in it's tv?  The tv I was
> thinking of using says the output is 30kv.  It is a 30 inch tv (about) but
> I don't know the current output of the flyback, it can't be much.

I tried it with several parallel teevees leaving the crts connected for
smoothing, and using a speed-controlled rotating spark gap. It's D.C., you
know, whether you smooth it or not. It destroyed my capacitor.
    Teevee power supplies are good for playing with as they are. High enough
voltage to do all kinds of fun things.