Re: first coil

Hi Eric,

This is how I set my gaps:

I disconnect everything from the transformer except the gap I want to set.

Then I run the transformer at the rated input voltage.  This will allow the
output voltage to be right at the rating.

For the main gap, I set the gap distance so that I get good consistent
arcing that starts reliably.  This is a bit tricky since once the gap
conducts, it will heat the air and "stick" on, but it basically works.

For the safety gap, I set the gap to where it will just not fire but it is
about to.  As close as I can get without it arcing.

This will set the main gap just under the rated voltage and the safety gap
just over the rated voltage.  You may have to play with it a bit when the
coil is all hooked up.  Just be very cautious about increasing the safety
gap width.  You can set the main gap closer with no problem which is
sometimes very nice for adjustments.

Of course, be totally sure to disconnect the AC power before adjusting the
gaps.  Best to unplug it.  Someone had a bad switch awhile back and got
zapped, so best to completely kill the circuit by unplugging it so nothing
can go wrong. 



At 09:02 AM 10/14/1999 -0700, you wrote:
> Would anyone give me some advice on how to set my safety gap?
>Should it necessarily be bigger or smaller than the secondary gap?
>Do I need to disconnect my capacitor when setting the safety gap?
>Are there any other safeguards I can use for my transformer other than
>the safety gap and chokes ( 16 turns #10 solid ) ?          My specs are
>like this :                                    transformer: 12000V  30
>ma                     primary coil: 6" dia.  /   4 turns  #8 solid
>secondary coil: 2.3" dia. /  756 turns  /  #28  spaced with fishing line
>( 479' )             capacitor:  22 plates  -at- 90" sq.   spaced  about
>.09"                                           primary gap:  rotary :
>24 studs  set  flush  on a 7.5" dia. disk
>terminal  capacitor:  8.5" outside dia.           3"  aluminum duct
>toroid                       My specs  are from George Trinkaus
>"tesla Coil"  third  edition .   I have limited electronics  knowledge.
>Any  advice on how to tune my rotary gap?   thank you