Re: first coil

 Would anyone give me some advice on how to set my safety gap?
Should it necessarily be bigger or smaller than the secondary gap?
Do I need to disconnect my capacitor when setting the safety gap?
Are there any other safeguards I can use for my transformer other than
the safety gap and chokes ( 16 turns #10 solid ) ?          My specs are
like this :                                    transformer: 12000V  30
ma                     primary coil: 6" dia.  /   4 turns  #8 solid
secondary coil: 2.3" dia. /  756 turns  /  #28  spaced with fishing line
( 479' )             capacitor:  22 plates  -at- 90" sq.   spaced  about
.09"                                           primary gap:  rotary :
24 studs  set  flush  on a 7.5" dia. disk
terminal  capacitor:  8.5" outside dia.           3"  aluminum duct
toroid                       My specs  are from George Trinkaus
"tesla Coil"  third  edition .   I have limited electronics  knowledge.
Any  advice on how to tune my rotary gap?   thank you