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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:26:28 -0600
From: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-xmission-dot-com>
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Subject: Tesla FAQ

Thanks for the input Chip. I guess here it is then. Anyone who wants to help with
this, please speak up so we can delegate the work a little. I sugest we keep all
discussion about the FAQ in the same thread so people can ignore it if they want
to. Either just use replies to this and keep the subject, or put "[FAQ]" in the
subject. I know I like to be able to ignore stuff on occasion, so this will help
those who aren't interested, and can serve as a tag for those who are.

As for content, perhaps something like this:

Preface: What this document will tell you
Chapter 1: What is a Tesla Coil?
Topics: (Basic info, what it is, what it does, schematic, parts list)
Simple discussion of the following, assume the reader doesn't know anything about
electricity. Not much detail, just enough to understand the rest of the doc:


Chapter 2: RF Grounds
Chapter 3: Power supply
Ignition Coil
Pole Pig
Line Filters

Chapter 4: Transformer Protection Circuit
Mostly for NST protection..... Saftey gaps, filter circuits, etc.

Chapter 5: Primary Tank Cap
Talk about dielectric types, different kinds of caps, MMC, discuss the refference
cap for the target design.

Chapter 6: Primary Spark Gap
Again, types, construction styles, static, static series, rotory (sync/non-sync),
and the refference design

Chapter 7: Primary Coil
Hellical, Conical, Flat Spiral

Chapter 8: Secondary Coil
H/D Ratios, wire size, # of turns, construction tips, materials, preperation
(drying, sealing, etc.)

Chapter 9: Discharge Terminal
Types, construction, calcs for cap value...

Chapter 10: Tuning
What is tune? how to tune, using a temporary primary to learn the tune point, how
cap value, primary and secondary turns, and topload value effect tune..

Chapter 11+: Special topics
higher power, magnifier theroy, ballasting, RF interference, dealing with annoied
neighbors, solid state, tube, etc.

math, formulas, computer programs to help design coils, supplier lists, web
sites, the tesla list, anything else that would make good refference info.

I think we should attempt to discuss all the various parts of a refference coil.
So that new readers will have something to build when they are done if they want
to. Another FAQ I see arround here all the time is "Where can I get plans". Our
FAQ should provide a basic coil plan. Something small, but enough to get started.
All the chapters that discuss the parts of a coil could include the design of the
part for the refference coil. I think the 4" coil I sugested before would be a
reasonable small coil.

Anyway, that's all up for discussion, just tossing ideas out so we can get


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