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Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 15:28:56 +0100
From: bob golding <yubba-at-clara-dot-net>
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

At 21:49 12/10/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>         I have just realised that my UKTesla site has been running as the 
>draft site without the actual content added.  So after a few hours of
>coding and disk hunting I've got it properly on line.  One or two pages may 
>not load, It'll be sorted in a few days. Drop by at:
>or for the UK tesla coiler's webring goto:
>BTW: See Ya At the teslathon (is the Bring'nBuy stilll on?)

Hi Nick,
	A quick update on the winter teslathon.
Confirmed so far.

Mike harrison: bringing coil and pulse cap device.

Nick Field: bringing lots of nice things to sell!

Mike Tucknott/dr B: Bringing 4" coil

Steve Crawshaw: bringing coil

Bob Golding; Bringing 4" coil Transformer cores/MOT's to sell

Gordon Forrest: Bringing home made plasma globe

Viv Watts and friends:

Phil Westwood:

Martin Dale: Bringing Coil and rotary gap,if he can get a lift.
Anyone live near Nottingham?

Keith Bull: Helping me organise things on the day.

Guy Wilson : Coming from Germany if he can arrange it.

Richie Burnett: If he can get the time off work.

If I have missed anyone or misspelt there name please accept me apologies.
I am doing this list from memory as the information is spread over two
computers and three different e mail packages.

A  rough timetable will be for people with coils to start setting up from
five. While this is going on we could have the bring and buy for people not
setting up coils. Testing and tuning till 7.30. There are likely to be a
lot of people coming from Cambridge to watch the show. I will tell them to
not turn up until about 8.00 PM. This should give us plenty of time to get
the coils tuned. I will set up a table for registration and issue badges. I
think it might be nice if people get cards together with their e mail
addresses as we might generate a lot of interest. There are a lot of
"useful" people interested from  companies such as GEC/Marconi and some of
the high tech outfits around here. I will get some cards /tickets with the
addresses of the lists on. Of course this is all optional and if anyone can
think of any problems please let me know. The museum is going to do tea and
coffee and there is a chip shop round the corner, and a good Thai
restaurant as well. See everyone on the 30th. Shall I ask the TV people to
come? If they do I will tell them not to turn up until lat so we can have
time to get the sparks looong.

bob golding