Organising Teslathons - was Primary not quite stacking up (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:58:59 -0400
From: Alan Sharp <AlanSharp-at-compuserve-dot-com>
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Subject: Organising Teslathons - was Primary not quite stacking up  (fwd)

>BTW, Kent, Alan Sharp gave me some great ideas for a Teslathon that I was
>planning last year, but unfortunatly I ended up in the hospital and things
>fell through.  Alan has hosted a few Teslathons in UK and knows the ropes.
>Maybe he can send his thoughts to you off the list.

Cliff, Kent,

I dug out and updated the check list I sent Cliff.

Teslathons are great fun, but its hard work on the day.

You need -

A safety policy - discourage people from bringing dodgy equipment
- unshielded rotary gaps or glass capacitors. unballasted pigs....
Don't have more than one coil running at the same time even for setting up.
You want everyone to know who is live.
Have a couple of CO2 extinguishers on hand.
Have a policy on children (best to say none except for 14 year old
electrical geniuses).
Be prepared to take charge if there is a problem.

A couple of helpers - you can't take the registrations, black out the 
windows, help people to set up and deal with the TV crew all at once.

To build up a mailing list, keep people informed.

Name badges -  I wish I had done this - its just impossible to
meet more than a few new people and remember their names!

Supplies of tea/ coffee/ pop maybe some food or a barbeque.

A program - ie
11am arrivals / registration / setting up
12 demonstrations
1pm Lunch.
2pm final runs, bring and buy....

Encourage folks to bring coils - working or stuff which is 
under construction. And stuff that they want to sell / trade.

Have a camera - if you see something neat you can record it. 

A place with power supply (know where the fuse box is), no near neighbours
- to complain about interference,  earth points (we got away with using the
central heating pipes but there can be draw backs to that and no vulnerable
electronics. (pipes conduct the RFI all over the building)

Finally Have Fun

Alan Sharp UK