Re: 250watt solid-state flybacks? (fwd)

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Subject: Re: 250watt solid-state flybacks? (fwd)

to: David

Resonance Research has flybacks (model FLY-50) that will operate up to 450
watts for short duty cycles such as solid state TC service.  These are
designs based on the old style TV 30 kV flybacks, but contain nearly 1,500
additional turns per unit.  Also special core material and large core
window.  Can be operated in oil or SF6 for higher outputs.  They can be
driven up to 50 kV DC output directly without the need for multipliers.  We
use a 24 - 36  volt power oscillator to drive them.

Contact us via our website at www.ResonanceResearch-dot-com


Dr. Resonance

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Subject: 250watt solid-state flybacks? (fwd)

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>Subject: 250watt solid-state flybacks?
>Hi All,
>Sometime ago it was mentioned that a TV flyback could handle 250watts.
>I would like to build a solid state driver to have a go at this but need
>some help with circuits as I am no electronics tech.  I currently have a
>"traditional" 1800watt NST powered coil and am comfortable with the HV
>side of things. What I am thinking of making is a helmet mounted Tesla
>coil like that "Electrobot" guy Austin has. I think that looks fantastic
>I envisage using 24volt dc from 2x 12volt lead/acid batteries in a belt
>drawing around 15amps for runtimes of several minutes only.  Electronics
>would be in a metal box attached to a waist band/belt driving a flyback
>(or 2 in antiphase?) in a squat pvc tube topped with a small toroid.  The
>tube/toroid would be mounted on a metal covered helmet to provide a ground
>Ideally this arrangement could produce 2 to 3 inch streamers visible at
>Any ideas on how I could achieve this?
>Many thanx for your help & advice,
>David Hosking.