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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:34:12 -0600
From: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-xmission-dot-com>
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Subject: Re: NST useability (fwd)

Tesla List wrote:

> Hi, all. Sorry for the bother.

No bother, we all ask questions from time to time. ;)

> I am a total newbie to Tesla coiling, so I just confined
> my activities to reading the list and trying to accumulate
> the required pieces. I have acquired 4 NSTs so far ( one
> 5KV, one 7.5 KV and 2 9KV). One post mentions 12KV
> to 15KV as starting points for Tesla coils. Are my smaller
> transfromers useless?  What is needed? I have 4" and 8"
> PVC (2ft and 3 1/2 ft) that I was intending to wind. Are these
> both too much for the transformers I have in hand? I have
> delayed the high $ procurements untill I have some of the
> pieces in hand.

The NSTs you have a low voltage, but some of them may work. I know
someone else on the net using a 9KV NST without problem. 7.5 may be a
bit small, but it may work. 5KV is pushing it though. I would think you
would have a hard time getting a spark gap to fire at that low voltage.
But I've never tried it either, so it may work fine. The best thing to
do is build the parts to take the higher voltages and give it a run on
the lower voltage transformers if you want to know. Keep in mind that if
you lower the voltage you shoud close up the spark gap a bit to make up
for it.

The pipes will work fine for the secondary. With the lower power levels
you probably couldn't over drive either one. I'd sugesst starting with
the 4" coil and saving the 8" for later when you have more experience
and more power to run it with.

Good luck, be sure to report back on your results. ;)