Re: RQ spark gap (fwd)

List owner note:  An FAQ is a good thing to post to a list periodically as
well as putting it on one or more web sites.  Discussion of the questions
is definitely worth doing on this list.


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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:39:58 -0600
From: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-xmission-dot-com>
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Subject: Re: RQ spark gap (fwd)

Well, I could probably contribute. If we want to get a team assembled and
each take a section it would make it easy on any one person. We should try to
cover all aspects of a small beginner coil. Say, a typical 4" secondary
system. Then, if there is interest, people can add the stuff for higher
power, pigs, ballasting, magnifiers, etc.. I know there are still some points
there isn't full agreement on, but we could cover the basics, that's what
FAQs are for.

Anyone else? Perhaps we should go off-list for the details of who does what.
I doubt the whole list is interested in the little details.... I can host a
small list through my ISP if there are more then a few people so we don't
have huge headers. ;)


Tesla List wrote:

> Okay, Don, all,
> now who is going to volunteer to write the first version? Perhaps, to
> make some things simpler, there should be several FAQs, one for caps, one
> for gaps, one for transformers&associated stuff, one for primaries and
> secondaries(and terminals), one for protection measures, etc.
> what say ye?