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<< Hi, all. Sorry for the bother.
>I am a total newbie to Tesla coiling, so I just confined
  my activities to reading the list and trying to accumulate
  the required pieces. I have acquired 4 NSTs so far ( one
> 5KV, one 7.5 KV and 2 9KV). One post mentions 12KV
  to 15KV as starting points for Tesla coils. Are my smaller
> transfromers useless?  What is needed? I have 4" and 8"
  PVC (2ft and 3 1/2 ft) that I was intending to wind. Are these
> both too much for the transformers I have in hand? I have
  delayed the high $ procurements untill I have some of the
> pieces in hand.
> Jim


No bother at all.  THe smaller transformers work fine, although the
7.5kV is probably the best to use.  THe PVC pipes you have are fine
too.  In one test, I used my 6" by 24" secondary coil, and powered it
using a 7.5kV, 30ma NST, with a .0077uF cap, etc.  This TC gave
I think 20" sparks or so.  I also used a synchronous rotary gap with 
that setup.

John Freau