max cap size? (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:00:50 +0930
From: Robin Copini <rcopini-at-merlin-dot-net.au>
To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: max cap size?


 I have almost completed everything for my coil, specs as follows:

Top Load    : 51 inch X 10 inch polished aluminium toriod  - completed

Power    : 15.9Kv x 0.5 amp 240V pole pig, 50 hz - completed

Control :  variable inductive current control with variable voltage
control. - completed

sparkgap : sync rotary 10 pole 4 series thoriated tungsten gaps 1500rpm.
- nearly finished

secondary : Diameter - 10inch HDPE, winding length - 37.6 inch, gauge -
19 awg double insulated magnet wire. - completed

primary : inside diameter - 14 inch, 0.5 inch copper tube, spacing 0.5
inch flat spiral - completed

Now here's the question : the cap : I have made 9 panels each consisting
of :

33 x 0.33uf 1600 Vdc,(600Vac), polypropylene pulse caps (dv/dt 1818), in
series each with a 10 meg bleed resistor.

i.e. each panel is 0.01uf and I can stack these together, (parallel), in
any combination from 0.02 to 0.09uf.

 is there a 'best' value to use or should I go for as high a value as
possible? and why?

I am nearly ready for first light.

P.S. - to all Oz coilers - did you see the 'raging planet' tv show on
Channel 7 about lightning on Monday night (7.30pm Adelaide). About 1
third into the show they went to Richmond Virginia, I assume TCBOR, and
showed coil number 11 in operation - it was a magnifier but was bolted
to the rear of the 'shed' with the 3rd coil hanging upside down from the
roof. the segment went for some 4 minutes - I taped it if anyone is
interested - contact me off list.

Kindest Regards,

 Robin Copini in Oz