Re: Seacor Capacitor Buy (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 07:19:18 -0400
From: Aric <acr-at-infinet-dot-com>
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Subject: Re: Seacor Capacitor Buy (fwd)

>Would 30 of them make a 24000 VDC by about .006uF capacitor? I just want to
>make sure these would work with my coil.

Two parallel strings of 15 caps would give you 0.0063uF at a rating of
24,000 VDC.  Bear in mind, however, that you must derate for the
high-frequency service that a TC represents.  Also, the more parallel
strings you use, the lower the current through each capacitor.  Since the
caps are polypropylene, direct dielectric heating is negligible.  OTOH, the
capacitor conductor material (thin Al foil and metallization of the PP
film) will have their current limitations.  I believe some list members
have had good results by build MMC with presumed voltage rating between the
maximum VDC and maximum VAC specifications (which are general very
conservative on the part of the manufacturer). Perhaps a list member who
has built an MMC would care to elaborate.

Aric Rothman