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The secondary wire must be attached electrically to the toroid. 

To bend the primary tubing, keep it bent from the original coil bought
at the store, don't straighten out any part of it.  Hold the whole coil, and
just guide it around the coil form elements, it's actually very easy to 
get a perfect result, with minimum effort but a little hard to describe
the precedure in words.

The coil can be flat rather than conical if you prefer.  The flat coil is
a little less likely to be hit by toroid streamers.  You can put a separate
turn around the outside of the primary and ground this turn.  This will
"catch" the sparks that try to hit the primary, and protect it.

If you build the coil the correct size for the amount of spark length,
there won't be very much tendency for the sparks to hit the primary.
In other words, make the coil large enough.

John Freau