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Would 30 of them make a 24000 VDC by about .006uF capacitor? I just want to
make sure these would work with my coil.

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> Subject: Seacor Capacitor Buy
>      So far, people have expressed interest in a group purchase of 830 of
>      the Seacor capacitors, so it looks like it's a go.
>      The distributor wants payment by check, so I will need to receive
>      cashier's checks or money orders from those who are interested
>      the time the order is made and the payment is sent to the
>      I will not cash any of the cashier's checks or money orders until the
>      lump payment to the distributor is made.
>      To all those who have already expressed interest in purchasing these
>      capacitors, and those who have yet to reply, please send me (off
>      the following information:
>      * The exact number of capacitors you want
>      * Your phone number
>      * Your shipping address (with ZIP/Postal code)
>      I will accept orders from the list until October 18, then I will
>      submit the order to the distributor.
>      Again, the price is $0.79 each for 0.047uF, 1600 VDC polypropylene
>      pulse caps from Seacor.  I will reply to each off-list order with a
>      total price, including the shipping charge to your ZIP (mine is
>      via UPS.  I will include in my reply my home phone number and
>      If any of the most learned among us has reviewed the specs. for this
>      capacitor and find it wanting for use in an MMC, please alert me/us t
>      that fact.  I don't want to set people up with capacitors that will
>      not do the job.  Again, the specification can be found at the
>      following URL:
>      http://www.seacorinc-dot-com/Tables/high_pulse.htm
>      I will put an image of the quote on my web site for everyone's
>      http://www.infinet-dot-com/~acr/Tesla/seacor_quote.gif
>      Aric Rothman