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> This brings up a good question a number of us have spoken about. Is the
> major diameter of a torus measured to the outside edges (as is commonly
 >suggested) or should it be measured through the centerline of the minor
> diameter (chord)?
> My metalworking references and Machinery's Handbook (15th edition, page 162)
> show torus measurements through the centerline of the minor diameter.
> Example: A 8"x2" torus would have an overall width of 10" and a minor
> diameter of 2".    (snip)

> Brian Basura


I looked in my Machinery Handbook and they seem to be using their
measurements to calculate the volume of the toroid.  In any case, I 
prefer to measure the actual total outside diameters of the toroids,
since it seems less confusing to me for general use measurements
of the toroids.  For instance my 4" by 13" spun aluminum toroid that
I offer for sale, is actually 4" thick, and 13" in total outside diameter.

The measured capacitance of a toroid will vary depending on its
position above ground, or if it's on a TC, or isolated, etc.  It is possible
that the formulas for C are looking for the measurements in the way
you suggested.  Good question and I don't know the answer.

John Freau