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<< Hi all,
> Another stupid question:
> What is a RQ spark gap?
> Cheers,
> Ralph Zekelman >>

Ralph, all,

Interestingly, the RQ (Richard Quick) spark gap was developed not
by RQ, but by the TCBOR group.  RQ bought a number of Richard Hull's
TCBOR video tapes which showed the gap design, and RQ then spoke
about the gap in a FAQ on the internet.  I guess folks assumed it was
RQ's design, and it came to be called by that name.  In reality it should
be called the TCBOR gap, or perhaps by some more descriptive term.

It is just a series
static gap made of copper pipes arranged in a semi-circle within a larger
piece of (perhaps 6" dia) PVC pipe.  A muffin fan is placed at one end
of the large PVC pipe and blows air though it and the gaps.  Screws and
nuts attach the individual pipes to the wall of the PVC pipe.  Slots in the
wall of the PVC pipe allow for some adjustment of the position of the 
screws that hold the pipes to the PVC pipe, to permit the spacing of the
individual gaps to be adjusted for best results.

John Freau