Winter Teslathon Web page

Hi All,
	The site map for the winter teslathon is up on Richie Burnetts site
 There is a map and directions.If you don't know Cambridge at all try to avoid 
the city centre at all costs as it is really bad for traffic. we have about 12 
people comfirmed so far,and about 9 coils. So it should be good fun. The 
museum is having a steam day at the same time so feel free to come earlier 
than 5 if you like. We can't start to set up before then though becouse of 
worry's about the general public and safety. The museum people are going to 
do tea and coffee, and there is a chip shop just down the road. I think it 
might be a good idea to give coilers at least a label with their name on as 
there are likely to be a lot of people coming who are new to coiling and might 
want to join the list. I think it will make them feel happier if they know who 
they are talking to. I am thinking that people bringing coils pay 5.00 and 
guests pay say 2.00. does that sound fair? Total expenses should be about 
80.00 If I make a profit I will of course spend it. It might even go
towards the 
fibreprobe project I am building.I don't think I will have it finished by
the 30th, 
but it should be done by the next Corby get together when we can all play 
with it... If anyone knows of anyone not still on the lists but who would
like to 
come please let me know. Is julian green still on the list?
I should be able to provide floor space for anyone who wants to stay 
afterwards. The only possible problem might be the alarm system, anyone 
have any ideas on this? cover the pir's with foil? disconnect the sensors?
i will set up a ring main type grounding system with some 1" copper strap all 
round the back of the tresle tables so people can just connect to that with 
big crocodile clips. there is no shortage of 13 amp sockets but the more 
extension leads the better. There are some 32 amp reyrolle/cee- form type 
connectors as well if 13 amps is'nt enough. There is a tin roof 20 high we 
could aim for.
Any comments /ideas please let me know.

see everyone on the 30th

bob golding