Re: pigs and other novice questions

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Bobbaust-at-aol-dot-com
> Ok, so I'm a newbie.  By reading your chatter for a few days I have surmised
> the following:
> 1. Some of you guys are using pole pigs in reverse as an input xfmr for your
> TC (see, I have the language down already).
> 2. You are running them on 240 vac but using current limiting devices in
> series (I assume to keep from sucking the guts out of your fuse box).


if we use 120 V it would in effect double the amperage draw required to
produce the same power output 

now that WOULD suck the guts out of the fuse box  ;)

the welders are used in series ( the 240 volt side) with the pig to
control the current going into the pig ...  aka   the welder acts like a
valve partially opened it allows only so much flow to go in...

the secondary side doesnt supply enuf voltage  (( we need volts  )) 

altho i have entertained the idea of using the welder and somehow
controlling the secondary output with some type of resistance to fine
tune the current draw on the welder   ( use the main to set a rough
range and then vary a resistance on the secondary output   but where do
i find resistors rated for 15.5 KW ???  ;)  )

sine wave goood    clean sine wave even more goood  :) 

Scot D