Re: All capacitors great and small, and depotting question

I'd be interested in the pulse cap group buy. I could probably use 200 or so of
them. I got a quote from Wima on 500 but they quoted me on .1 uF units at 2.70,
so if you can get this set up, I'm game. Looks like they have everything one
would want to me as well. I'll be calling and getting a quote for smaller value
caps, .1 would just need way too many caps and you would only be able to use
2-3 strings at a reasonable string size.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Aric_C_Rothman-at-email.whirlpool-dot-com

>      Also, I received a quote for pulse caps which I think are suitable for
>      a MMC.  The manufacturer is Seacor, the type is KP25, and the value is
>      0.047uF, 1600 VDC.  The caps are $0.79 each, with a minimum order of
>      500 pieces.  Anyone interested in a group buy?  Data can be found at
>      the URL http://www.seacorinc-dot-com/Tables/high_pulse.htm  The company
>      claims the KP25 family is a cross for the Wima FKP1 family.  The KP25s
>      are polypropylene, internally series connected, 1000+ V/uS rated, and
>      foil terminated.  Everything you'd want in MMC cap!...I think :)