Re: pigs and other novice questions

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> So here's my question: Why don't you input 120 vac instead of 240, and have 
> less voltage to drop?  Or better yet, use that welder's secondary to drive 
> the pig, since the welder puts out current-limited voltages in the range of 
> 20-50 vac?  Or use big fat SCR's to chop the input waveform?  (Or do you 
> nice clean sine waves?)  Am I missing something?

To Bob (?)
The goal is not to drop the voltage, but to limit the current; it's different.
You do want the full voltage, or near to it, but current must be limited.
> I'll be good and only ask this one question.  Maybe next time I can get 
> of you to help me troubleshoot my first TC (15kv 30 ma NST, 8 turn 9" pri, 
> 12" 800 turn sec, 4.5"x1.25" toroid).

Let us know what's happening with your TC.  The most common problems
are poor tuning (maybe due to not enough primary turns), and poor spark
gaps, such as pointy needle gaps.  Are you getting any spark output?

John Freau