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<< If someone could send me a list of usable tubes for a VTTC I'd
> it - That way I can start hunting the flea markets, etc.
> [Do list any caveat and/or all tubes you can think of that would work]
> Michael Baumann >>

spark lengths are for one tube:   (40% longer for two tubes based on
the square law for spark length)

811A     5"
304TL    15"
813        16"
4-125A    6"
4-250A    9"
845         19"
833A       21"
HF 300    21"
803         12"
3-500Z     17"

Spark lengths will vary with voltage input, etc.  This is just a partial
list of transmitting tubes.  Some of the filaments are not 5V.

John Freau