Re: Variac-O-Rama in Cincinnati Ohio

Just re-read my post and thought I coul clear up a couple of items for the
interested coilers.

> Original Poster: Clifford D Fahrer <cfahrer-at-in-touch-dot-net>
> All,
> This is the coilers biggest freebe catch for the 21st century!!!!!!!!!
> On or after December 4th 1999, some BIG variacs will be available free
> of charge to all coilers that will come and get them.
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In all probability we can get to them on Dec 4th, however I will need to
clear this date with the contractor. I should know within a week.

> These are the details:
> Variacs available----- 6 each  motor driven 6600 watt units  and 12
> manual variacs rated at 6000 watts.

Each of the manual units are rated at 6600 watts.  Also there are 5 motors
driving the six motor driven units. (something like this):


> Each (--) represents some kind of a clutch linkage to engage the motor. I
> don't know the motor details but I know it drives the voltage up and down
> via a carbon brush.  The motors are reversable.

I'll make a couple of calls to get more detail on the motors.

> The 12 manual units are mounted in a large GE stage lighting console and
> will need to be removed. You will need tools and a good back.
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Actually both the manual units and the motor drivin units are used for stage

Cliff Fahrer