RE: My First Tesla Coil


Business cards usually run about .012" thick so you're gap should be in the

As far as EMMC's go I've used two strings of 10 Panasonic ECW-H16333JV's
(DigiKey P/N P10513-ND) for a total Cpri of .0066uF at 16,000vdc This has
proven to be a very robust design even surviving a couple direct strikes
during the bread-boarding stages. See

Everything else looks good.

Brian Basura

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Main Spark Gap:  8 Gaps (Spaced with two business cards, I don't know
exactly how thick that is. :) Also, how wide should my safety
gap be? )
     Capacitance:  MMC: 30 Caps of 600 VAC (1200 VDC) that make about .0066
mfd. (I guess I should make 3 strings of 10 caps