Variac-O-Rama in Cincinnati Ohio


This is the coilers biggest freebe catch for the 21st century!!!!!!!!!

On or after December 4th 1999, some BIG variacs will be available free
of charge to all coilers that will come and get them.

These are the details:

Variacs available----- 6 each  motor driven 6600 watt units  and 12
manual variacs rated at 6000 watts.

The 12 manual units are mounted in a large GE stage lighting console and
will need to be removed. You will need tools and a good back.

The location is the Emery Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Don't even think of getting the 1905 Westinghouse polyphase motor with
Tesla's origional patents on the frame.  It's Mine!  It looks exactly
like Tesla's patent drawings!!!!

The timing will be critical because the theater is going in a
restoration phase.

Anyone that is interested can e-mail me off the list.  I will provide a
map and the exact date.  I will coordinated the date and time with the
theater. This means the date will be with initiated by the Emery.  In
other words no date changes for the convience of the coilers getting the

One other thing--- we will need to help each other removing the units
and carrying them to our cars, (or trucks).  This means we will all need
to stay until the last unit is loaded.  I think it's called teamwork :>)

My e-mail address is:  cfahrer-at-in-touch-dot-net

Good coiling to all, and see you at the Variac-O-Rama,

Cliff Fahrer