Re: Thick vs. thin wire update

> I then replaced the #12 tank wiring (which got
> warm), with # 6 wire 
> which doesn't get warm.  This made absolutely no
> noticeable
> difference to the spark length or appearance.  In
> general, the entire
> primary and secondary stays much cooler than the old
> set up, but
> the sparks are shorter now.
> Basically two things have changed;  the frequency is
> higher
> (200kHz vs. 85kHz before), and the primary surge
> impedance is
> lower now.  I have no easy way to determine which
> factor is having
> the most negative effect on the spark length, but in
> any case the
> thick wire is reducing my spark length to a
> noticeable degree.  There
> is nothing wrong with thick wire per se, except that
> it reduces the
> inductance for a given coil size.  A larger TC of
> course requires thicker
> wire, and this does not cause a problem.
> The gaps seem to be brighter now, so it is quite
> possible that the
> lower surge impedance is increasing my gap losses. 
> This may be 
> causing the problem

Hi John,
It is very quite possible since decreasing sgrt(Lp/Cp)
will cause lowering Qp too.Thin secondary wire got
very little to do with considerable losses in sparking


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