My First Tesla Coil

	Some of you may have already seen me posting here before.  I'm 17 and in
high school, and this is my first high-voltage project,  let alone my first
Tesla Coil.  I've been progressing on it very slowly due to my lack of
money, but I think I am about to finish it.  Everything I've done is based
on knowledge and figures I found on websites.  I have everything but the
capacitors, but I'm going to go ahead and tell anyway.  Here are the
specifications for my coil.  Please, all you Teslaphiles, read these and
tell me what flaws you see with it.  Right now I am not as interested in
getting perfect performance from the coil as I am just trying to get the
thing to work at all.  
 HV Transformer:  12Kv -at- 30 mA NST
Main Spark Gap:  8 Gaps (Spaced with two business cards, I don't know
exactly how thick that is. :) Also, how wide should my safety 		  gap be? )
     Capacitance:  MMC: 30 Caps of 600 VAC (1200 VDC) that make about .0066
mfd. (I guess I should make 3 strings of 10 caps 	                         
     Primary Coil:  15 Turns of 1/4" copper tubing. (Each turn is 1/2"
apart, the primary is about 1" away from the secondary.)
 Secondary Coil:  22" Winding of #26 AWG magnet wire on 4" (4.5" OD) PVC.
               Torus:  17.5" x 4" Alluminum Dryer Duct and Pie Pans. :)