Triggered discharge's article Photonics Spectra Nov99 Pg100

All FYI,
Title, "Beyond Franklin's Kite"
applicability: cloud lightning offers insight to TC discharges.
Triggered discharge lightning article Photonics Spectra Nov99 Pg100
includes photo of 160' high laboratory showing finite element type top loads

(smooth disk's seem favored to be favored element)
explains hypothesis /  theory of trigger mechanism
photo of laser induced discharge where discharge follows 
beam for only ~20% length thereafter the typical wandering path.
Goal is to protect power lines and other critical structures from lightning
strike damage by 
cloud triggering prior to their reaching critical charge, directing
discharge path safely.
I've considered building an electrically Triggered RQ style gap, 
i.e. use large # gaps with an external trigger for control. 
(rather than self trigger via #gaps/spacing)
perhaps HV point probes at the gaps or 
a series high current pulse xfmr (EEG) as some laser flash tubes use.
A laser beam is a little exotic but interesting. 
(also don't have the long gap distance problem to overcome,
but is applicable to top terminal discharge path influence,
 anyone got a powerful laser handy ? and how powerful is enough ?)
Regards, Dale