Re: Believe it or not


> Not trying to be a wet blanket, just suggestion that we not
> underestimate the effects our coils can have.  Discretion is
> required.

Not at all, that info was quite interesting and very informative. All I
knew about the new FCC enforcement was from the articles in QST and the
ARRL website. And while I like clean bands as much as the next guy, I
really dislike the soultion of the FCC. I honestly think there has to be
a better way then that. Just IMO and somewhat offtopic. :)

I think when it comes to RFI the same advice hams give each other
applies here. If someone complains to you, work with them to fix the
problem. Try to run the coil at different times or work on filtering
etc. to keep the problem from occuring. Most people are somewhat
reasonable. If you make it so your coil doesn't cause TVI or whatever is
bugging them and don't run late at night most people will ignore you.
There will always be a few people that have something against it and
will be a royal pain. Turn your garage into a farday cage if you have
to. Use common sense.