Re: Scoping I-V phase shift through L

Put a small resistor in series and measure the voltage across it. I= E/R.
Watch the grounding so you don't blow up the scope

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> Subject: Scoping I-V phase shift through L
> Date: Thursday, November 11, 1999 11:21 AM
> Original Poster: David Trimmell <davidt-at-pond-dot-net> 
> Hello,
> I have heard many folks on this list talk about using a 0-scope to
> current and voltage phase shifting through a inductor (at least I think
> that is what was being done :-)). How do you do it? I have no idea how I
> would measure current on a scope. I have a older analog dual trace scope,
> and am interested in (if possible) trying to measure how much a inductor
> transformer) causes the voltage and current to go out of phase. If this
> be done with a scope and other commonly available equipment I would be
> happy if someone could explain it to me. 
> Regards,
> David Trimmell